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How Do I Get a Puppy?

Our family's reputation is truly growing one puppy at a time, and so is the waiting list for our puppies. The first step is to submit the “Puppy Waiting List Request Information Questionnaire” (link available below) and we will give you a call! After a phone interview to get to know each other and answer any remaining questions, we ask for minimum deposit to get added to the priority waitlist. When we have a litter coming with the color and gender you are looking for, we will notify you.

If the whelping/weaning schedule fits your schedule, you can then post the full deposit and be given your position in the selection order for picking the special puppy of your choice.

We provide a health guarantee in writing for the initial 36 months of each puppy’s life. We always remain available to provide you support for the life of the puppy. This begins with transitioning assistance and advice on training. Further, the last thing in the world we want to have happen is to see one of our puppies ever end up in a shelter, living a subpar life, or for the family to live unhappily with the puppy. Therefore, we, as part of the terms of the purchase contract, require that when someone buys a puppy from us, they grant us right of first refusal if they ever elect to or need to give up the dog for any reason.

While about 70% of our pups stay within a 3-hour radius of Washington D.C., we have sent pups all over the country. Roughly 90% of our puppies become exclusively family pets and about 10% have trained for hunting.

Please contact us with any questions or to be added to our waiting list!

Recommeded Items


When buying a puppy, you need to think it through very carefully. Almost like if you adopt a child, you need to be ready to commit and be responsible to your new puppy for the rest of its life; acknowledging that having a dog in your life will change your life, and how you live going forward on a daily basis. You will be responsible for taking proper care of your dog’s every need in a timely manner, and for your dog's actions with respect to your community.

The first thing you should do before picking up your new puppy is to make a veterinarian appointment. You want to make sure your new puppy is healthy with no issues and you understand its vaccination schedule. Next, it is important to be prepared at your home before the arrival of your new puppy.

Download or print the New Puppy Checklist!

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